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Businesses and individuals facing claims or other disputes are increasingly turning to alternatives to traditional litigation to resolve those disputes or claims. Payne & Jones offers a wide range of modern alternative dispute resolution options including arbitration, mediation, collaborative law (family law matters) and special education advocacy. Our alternative dispute resolution practitioners have substantial collective experience in all of these methods, and we have the right attorney for virtually any matter calling for creative alternative dispute resolution.

Mediation and arbitration are particularly widely-used for resolving family law matters, including divorce, separation, custody, child support, property division, and spousal support (maintenance or alimony) disputes. One of our attorneys, whose practice emphasizes family law matters, is extensively trained in resolution of such matters and is authorized by the State of Kansas to receive appointments for Court-ordered mediation.

Collaborative law is an emerging process whereby spouses facing divorce or separation retain specially-trained attorneys to advise and guide them through the process in a manner that minimizes conflict and preserves decision-making for the clients, rather than the Courts. One of our attorneys is extensively trained in this process and is a founding member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Kansas, Inc., the leading collaborative family law practice group in eastern Kansas.

Alternative dispute resolution methods are often used to resolve conflicts between school districts and families in the area of special education, and one of our attorneys is closely involved in those endeavors. As a certified Due Process Hearing Officer for the State of Kansas, he serves as the “judge” when appointed by families and/or the school district in special education due process disputes. This attorney also provides general mediation and/or arbitration services for families or school districts and/or acts as an advocate for families in the area of special education, with emphasis on autism and the development of IEPs and 504 plans for children with disabilities.

Our alternative dispute resolution practitioners are dedicated to the creative resolution of disputes of all types through alternatives other than traditional litigation whenever possible, and we have a full range of options available for that purpose.

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